WW1 hit list

Being particularly fond of History and Battlefield 1 game, I thought it would be nice to upload and essential musical playlist for the game, as an alternative to the original score in it. Enjoy Continue reading

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Black Pete Vs the World

As the times get more mature, all the old icons of the racist and imperialist past begin to get demolished by a public opinion more and more aware of their History and Rights.
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A man chooses, a slave obeys

The following is an introductory pre-recorded speech by Andrew Ryan at the beginning of the game Bioshock (2007). Continue reading

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Kit di sopravvivenza fai-da-te

Visti gli ultimi tragici eventi qui in Italia, ecco una lista veloce su come prepararsi un kit di sopravvivenza fai-da-te in caso di terremoto (i link non hanno alcuna finalità di tipo promozionale, ma solamente indicativa). Continue reading

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Rebuilding a part of my own life

I have been writing and reviewing about heavy metal music since 1999, I’ve started in a completely random situation but I kept constantly growing up between fanzines and webzines, until I created my own in 2012.

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Culinary autarky made in Italy

Recently I happened to read a couple of articles about the gastronomic autarky of many countries with a strong culinary tradition, established over the centuries. Since I have been born and raised in Italy, one of the most conservative places on Earth for many aspects, I would like to express my point of view upon this subject.

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Me & video games

I never had any problem in admitting that I always preferred video games over real physical games and sports, such as football.

Since I was a child I used to hang out and perfectly know all the arcades of the area, and whenever new place I was going, I always tried to locate the nearest spot in which there would have been some coin-op game.

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Why should we be afraid of nonsense?


I have been reading articles over articles and seeing images over images like the one above.

I don’t even know if this article will ever reach somebody who has the same point of view of the girl in the above picture, but anyway I’d like to virtually ask him/her the following questions: Continue reading

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The (re)birth of cities in Middle Age Italy

The one that raged in Italy, in the early decades of the eleventh century, was an unbridled struggle of special interests, and nothing else. Needless to seek a connection. Continue reading

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Me & Heavy Metal

It’s no secret that I mostly like Metal music. But of course it’s not been always like that. It’s been 20 years since I’ve developed this huge love and passion for this kind of music, so now I wanna tell you how it all started. Continue reading

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