I definitely DO love coffee

I definitely can’t stand coffee with no sugar at all

I love cappuccino (with cocoa powder on top)

I’d like to be able to prepare creamy cappuccino at home too

Coffee too hot not good

Coffee too cold no good either

Coffee break with co-workers was a must

Coffee break at home not so good

Whiskey-flavoured coffee is quite good

Brandy-flavoured one is much better

Angostura-flavoured maybe even better, if only you could find it in Italy

Having 3 or 4 small cups per day ain’t bad at all (unless you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure)

Twisting tea spoon too much in the cups is annoying

Some brands of coffee are better than others

Only worth to be tasted is the italian one

Dirty waterish american one sucks

Coffee and cigarette was a must

Coffee and sport newspaper was a must either

Coffee stains are difficult to be washed away

Coffee breath ain’t so kissable

Coffee plus cigarette breath is even worst

Dark coffee is strong and tasteful

Deca helps you to chill down (but it’s tasteless)

Starbucks coffee sucks

McDonald’s one is even worst


About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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