Prometheus: a tale of neglected promises

As a huge fanatic of the Alien franchise (movies, books and games) I was counting the days till the release of the motion picture called PROMETHEUS in which, as they many times said, a lot should have been explained.

It was a real gift from the sky since throughout all the movies (but especially the first by Ridley Scott, dating back 1979) there have always been such a lot of unsolved questions, some of them being:

  1. What race was the enormous elephant-like “alien” that was witting on that sort of big cannon at the center of the wrecked ship?
  2. Was it being killed accidentally by the Xenomorphs or was just an accident?
  3. Were Xenomorphs an indigenous specie of THAT planet (I’m gonna call it LV-426, as in the Aliens movie) or were they being stored and carried inside the wrecked ship?
  4. Did the “space-jockey” race bio-engineered the Xenomorphs or they simply captivated them far away? And in both cases, for what purpose?
  5. What cause the wrecking of the huge, C-shaped “space-jokey” ship?
— Warning: SPOILERS after this point —

Probably there are a lot more questions to be solved, but those were the first coming into my mind.

Well, with my great disappointment, PROMETHEUS did not succeed in explaining any of the previous questions, but only to possibly create more new questions.

Besides the lack of a focus, the movie seems also to show too many useless (and almost non-speaking) characters, like the flying and security crew. For the first time in the whole Alien-saga movies, there’s no Lance Henriksen portraying no Mr. Weyland/Bishop, in favor of Guy Pearce.

So, after I finished watching it, not only was I not able to answer any of the previous questions, but I soon realized I had a fresh new set of them! Which are:

  1. If these “engineers” bio-engineered Mankind, why they were supposed to be ready to destroy it after? And what did stop them at the very end from achieving it?
  2. Did they bio-engineered a primitive Xenomorph race or did they captivate them elsewhere?
  3. Were they locals to LV-426 or were the Xenomorphs’? (One of the two MUST be an indigenous specie to that planet, or it’s unexplained why did the “space-engineers” land there…)
  4. Why did the android David intentionally get Holloway infected with the “black liquid”? Was he instructed to do so, or did he act by his own free will?
  5. How did Shaw get infected by Xenomorphs?
  6. What relation does exist between the Xenomorphs and the “black liquid”?

I am pretty confident that a lot more questions can arise, so please fell free to add yours as comments down below.


About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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