Here I am, back again…

After more than one year and half of absence. Perhaps it’s the fact that right now I am in Horley (Surrey, UK), perhaps it’s because I’ve drank too many coffees today so I find it hard to sleep, fact is that I am here trying to write something.First of all: what happened? Well, life did take its course, a lot of things happened, a lot of experiences and definitely a lot of water under the bridge. Should I look back to September/October 2012, it would look like ages ago!
To make a long story short, honestly I had other stuff to look at, other responsibilities, another life. I do not regret anything that happened, because I firmly believe that everything always contribute to a change: it’s only up to us to make it a positive or a negative one.
Now that I believe I found a certain stability in life (a relative one, but better than none at all) I can take back all the projects and ideas set on hold and make them work.
To be honest I am not writing these lines because I think somebody is going to read them or because you believe I should, bit simply because I like doing it, I like expressing myself in many ways.
Now I think I am going too far for just one post, so I wish you a good night and stay tuned if you like.


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