Causes & consequences

20140512-170047.jpgToday I happened to read the local newspaper and my eyes stopped upon an article over a local bishop’s speech of last Sunday’s celebration

He honestly made it very clear and brief, and I really appreciate it as he stated that nowadays people tend to confuse causes and consequences,

Crime is not a problem, it’s the consequence, a symptom of the problem. And if you don’t treat the cause, it comes back over and over.

I consider myself lucky enough for having been educated onto a scientific society, in which proofs are the essence of every statement, where every action inevitably leads to a reaction, where an answer not supported by a proper explanation, is not considered a legit one.

But I realize that not all over the world people follow the same path to the knowledge. In many countries (like this one, for instance), a vast majority of the population tends to leave such matters to “God” or “Gods” (depending by your choice) putting extreme faith in a better tomorrow, meanwhile acting totally passive towards the present.

That’s a state of mind I will never be able to tolerate, because basically it’s an admission of impotence, a lack of trust in oneself capabilities in favor of some kind of divine intervention that may happen or not, and either way it will be always considered good, just because coming from above! Come on, live in the present, come out of the darkening and use your brain; there have been ages like Enlightenment almost 300 years ago that taught the whole world to keep superstitions away and trust oneself and one’s brain!


About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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