From now on, one more star will shine in the sky…

Today I got the sad news that a dear friend of mine is gone forever.

Despite not knowing him for a long time (not even two years) I guess our friendship has been one of those which you could label it as simple, based on mutual respect and loyalty, one of those it’s definitely not so easy to be found, but when it does happen, you can trust everything on it.

Even if this friend of mine did not speak my own language, we have always understood each other very well.

This friend I’m talking about was Tato and he was a pitbull.

He has always been a big and grumpy dog, but with a big, pure and strong heart. He has always fought in his life, first clandestinely against other dogs, then against the sickness he learnt to live with, day after day, with his simple and sometimes rough ways, but always extremely honest.
From now on, every time I will go to the doghouse as volunteer, I will be sad, because there will never be Tato waiting and barking for me, with his deep and low voice, because he will never push away his kennel mate to grant his share of cuddles under the chin and on top of his huge head (his favorite), because he will never go berserk at dinner time when he’ll spot me coming with the bucket of food.

I will miss my big friend Tato, That’s it!
I feel like I’m gonna cry…

Goodbye my loyal friend and thank you once again for everything you ever gave to me.

I love you.



About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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