Of saints and sinners

About the recent facts of Ferguson neighborhood in Saint Louis (Missouri) and the consequent death of Michael Brown.

I’d like to make my point in a clear way: of course the life of a human being is always important, or capital punishment would be still in charge in every country of the world. Our ancestors did understand that, some earlier some other later, but Life as a value has been established since longtime.

But we don’t have to cheat chance in any way: since Life is so precious, we should stay away in every way possible to every means and way that could, although virtually, put it in any danger.

Such as stealing cigars.

Was a life of a young man worth a couple cigars?

This is something everybody should spend some time reflecting upon before  clicking any “share” button with disgust.


About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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