Why should we be afraid of nonsense?


I have been reading articles over articles and seeing images over images like the one above.

I don’t even know if this article will ever reach somebody who has the same point of view of the girl in the above picture, but anyway I’d like to virtually ask him/her the following questions:

  1. What does “Black pride” exactly mean?
  2. Does it exist any “White pride” or “Yellow pride” or “other colour pride”? If positive, please give me a definition of the above-mentioned. If negative, ask yourself why.
  3. Don’t you think it would be more correct to talk about “Black american pride” since it’s obvious something only related to the “Black community” in the USA and not (and I underline it, not) anywhere else in the world? And in your opinion, why is it this way?
  4. Do you think that all this pride may bring integration between individuals, no matter of which race, or self-segregation?
  5. Do you think that self-segregation and integration could coexist? If so, please explain me how.
  6. Do  you consider to be living in a country that shows hostility towards your race? If so, please explain me how, and try to justify it with a possible explanation.
  7. Do you think that, for instance the original US inhabitants, should have any right to talk about a “Red pride” for what has been done to them and stolen to them? And if they don’t do, have you ever wondered why?
  8. Do you think to have had more opportunities in life compared to, say, a guy/girl in West Africa? If not, please explain me how and why.
  9. Do you really think that “non-Black people” is in any way afraid of your self-segregation?
  10. Did you notice I always bracketed every racial/colour adjective in this post? Do you have any clue of the reason behind it?

At this point, supposing the reader to have diligently and honestly answered all the first nine questions, I will now answer myself the last one: I have bracketed every racial/colour adjective in this post just because it’s so ridiculous, so stupid and so unintelligent to still be talking about and primarily focus on the colour of the skin in 2016, that I had to do so to keep my virtual distance to such futile arguments.

I mean, only in the USA you may have this focus, only there you constantly feel underrated and underestimated, constantly at war with all the “non-Black” people, constantly in need to relate and be related to some sort of “Black culture” heritage as a protection and justification, that, de facto, does not exist.

Because do you really think that “black” people living in Europe, in Africa, in South America and everywhere else in the world, fight for self-segregating themselves or, more intelligently, fight for better integrating themselves in the place they live and with the neighbors they have?

Ask yourself these questions before acting like that, because dear friends, the World is not the USA, there’s a lot more out there that actually laughs about this. A lot.

So nobody is really afraid of the so-called “Black” pride, but in the best case scenario, people don’t care.

In the worst one, they laugh at that.

And at you.


About Gabriele Frontini

I share my time between Italy, Belgium and UK. [ music critic since 1999, gamer, historian, pet lover ]
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