Rebuilding a part of my own life

I have been writing and reviewing about heavy metal music since 1999, I’ve started in a completely random situation but I kept constantly growing up between fanzines and webzines, until I created my own in 2012.

Problem was, every time I switched from a firm to another one, I always lost all my previous articles. So today I have decided to try and collect all my articles throughout the web into a unique container, solely managed by myself, to which I have given the name of Metallia.

I am perfectly aware that the most part of them has been already lost or I will never have granted access to again, but as far as my memory is good, I will try to recreate the original reviews from scrambles of memories in my brain.

I am constantly upgrading it with new album reviews as well as old reviews of mine which I recollected or I am trying to write back.

It will be a titanic effort, I am quite positive it will take a lot of time and it’s something I definitely should have done long before.

Please wish me good luck!


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