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WW1 hit list

Being particularly fond of History and Battlefield 1 game, I thought it would be nice to upload and essential musical playlist for the game, as an alternative to the original score in it. Enjoy Advertisements

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A man chooses, a slave obeys

The following is an introductory pre-recorded speech by Andrew Ryan at the beginning of the game Bioshock (2007).

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Rebuilding a part of my own life

I have been writing and reviewing about heavy metal music since 1999, I’ve started in a completely random situation but I kept constantly growing up between fanzines and webzines, until I created my own in 2012.

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Me & video games

I never had any problem in admitting that I always preferred video games over real physical games and sports, such as football. Since I was a child I used to hang out and perfectly know all the arcades of the … Continue reading

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Me & Heavy Metal

It’s no secret that I mostly like Metal music. But of course it’s not been always like that. It’s been 20 years since I’ve developed this huge love and passion for this kind of music, so now I wanna tell … Continue reading

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AC Unity: my personal point of view [attention: spoiler]

I have just completed the latest Assassin’s Creed chapter, Unity, on PS4 and I would like to share my own judgement on what it is a sort of dividing line in the story of the franchise. Spoilers ahead: if you … Continue reading

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My favorite movie list

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My favorite albums

These are my favorite albums of all times, my personal playlist and each of them is on this list because they mean something special and important to me. I’m sure you will find unfamiliar many of them, but that’s what … Continue reading

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Beyonce’s dad admits Jay Z and Beyonce ‘split’ was made up to sell tickets!

Originally posted on howmarket:
? ouch!.………….and they got us all  reporting  their split rumors all this while?……chinekemeeeeee…….lol hahahahaha Mattew Knowles made the explosive claims on the Roula & Ryan show on 104.1 KRBE in Houston earlier this week. Asked about…

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Heavy Metal for Newbies

I’ve prepared a playlist with some easy-listening song (don’t get me wrong: all of them are heavy metal related, but they are definitely newbies-friendly). Check it out and enjoy it!

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